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Expertise in Drones & Robotics

Drones & Robotics Expertise

Expertise in Drones & Robotics

Drones and Robotics are two areas our company is particularly interested in. The requirement of drones as a utility tool for medical care, security and delivery changed the initial limitation of only using drones in the field of photography, and entertainment purposes. Robotics seems to be following the same trends. We are seeing a faster than ever growth in robotics, especially for its use in the defense, security, and commercial areas. Our company has the expertise to help you decide which solutions fit your needs best.
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While some are just watching, we are building the world of tomorrow. New technologies disrupt markets and businesses constantly. Part of our mission as a company is to constantly analyze the latest technology trends of today, to better understand how it will shape the world of tomorrow.
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We started with a simple idea

We started with a simple idea

Many companies — both large and small — have faced challenges with finding talented developers including candidate qualifications, team dynamics, and bottom-line financials. Our unique solution for hiring top of the line resources addresses these concerns.

The demand for highly skilled talent is rapidly growing and in turn causing a major shortage in today’s technological market. This has impacted the quality of application development. Our Mission at Team Extension® is simple. Discover, Hire, and retain top talent. This allows our clients to remain focused on short and long term project goals and ahead of their competition.

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In the heart of Eastern Europe

In the heart of Eastern Europe

Team Extension is located in Bucharest, Romania. As a start-up hub, Bucharest has many advantages, including high speed Fiber Optic internet connections (Romania was ranked fifth best in the world for internet connection speed by, low operating costs and overheads; plus, a wealth of home grown technical talent. Given the rise to a required entrepreneurial culture of self-sufficiency and flexibility, which has spawned a strengthening business sector, a wealth of technical skills and resources who speak English.

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Ready to take your business to new heights?

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